Classes & Programs

Private or Group Equipment Sessions

Private Sessions are one-on-one with an instructor. Shared Equipment Classes have 2-4 clients with one instructor. Two private sessions are required for all potential members of a shared equipment class unless 2-4 new clients are starting at the same time. Shared equipment includes lessons on the reformer, cadillac, wall tower and stability chair. Please note, if you are currently under the care of a physician a medical release is required.

Private Training includes:

Pilates Apparatus, Cardio, High Intensity Interval Training, TRX Suspension Training, Prenatal and Postnatal

Group Workshop Series

These classes are seasonal and can be found by clicking here. Payment for the full length of the workshop is required for enrollment. If space allows walk-ins are accepted.

Experience all the sculpting and toning benefits of traditional barre work with added weights and props for increased resistance. Add Pilates abdominal loading, emphasis on neutral spinal positioning, and you have a full body workout that's great for strength, tone, flexibility and balance. Studio Barre is intelligent exercise. Studio Barre protects your joints, working to create long lean muscle without bulk. Seasonal.

Pilates Mat
A great starting point for beginners, the Matwork class teaches the Five Basic Principles of the STOTT PILATES® method, and builds a foundation of exercises required to move on to the next level. The mat-based workout is designed to help participants develop leaner, longer-looking muscles, establish core strength and stability, and heighten mind-body awareness. Light equipment will be incorporated to add variety. Seasonal mat classes include Beach Body Pilates Mat and Classical Pilates Mat "Uncle Joe" Style.


TRX® Suspension Training® is a revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight exercise. Safely perform hundreds of exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, and prevent injuries, all at the intensity you choose with your trainer. Perfect for all fitness levels and goals.

Core Barre

Pilates 101
Have you been curious about Pilates? Take the plunge and see for yourself what it's all about! Pilates is a body-conditioning system that is designed to lengthen, strengthen, and tone the body. From people who spend all day on the computer to those cycling from one end of America to the next - everyone can benefit from a Pilates practice. In this workshop we will go through the basics of Pilates, from working on the breath, explaining and doing the basic movements, to taking time to explore what simple instructions, like 'engage the core', really mean! You'll leave a little stronger and more aligned, equipped with the knowledge to decide if Pilates is right for you. This workshop is meant for beginning students who are experiencing Pilates for the first time. Class size limited. No refunds.

Cardio Training
Private train with us to blast your cardio fitness level through the roof with the best of any type of cardio training your instructor feels like throwing at you! You will challenge your aerobic and anaerobic threshold every time so come prepared to get your cardio on!

Mobile Studio

Request Core Studio Pilates come to your location. Our highly qualified instructors can teach your sports team, corporate group, church group or retirement center. We are also available for workshops. Call our studio to request a custom quote for your event.